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surgical gastroenterology in hyderabad

Laparoscopic Surgery

We give the best Services Laparoscopic surgery are minimal access procedures in which complicated intrabdominal surgeries are done through keyholes (called as ports) without opening the abdomen. Minimally invasive surgeries involve holes9called as ports) instead of incisions for operating within the abdomen. The benefits of this include Reduced stress response associated with surgeries helping in […]
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Hepatobiliary Surgery

Hepatobiliary & Pancreatic surgery This is a dedicated subspecialty concentrating on the diseases involving the liver and pancreas. The complicated anatomy along with high vascularity  necessitates extensive experience and skill in treating them. Specialised equipment like vessel sealers and tissue dissectors like CUSA are necessary for proper identification and preservation of important structures and reducing […]
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GI Oncology Surgery

GI Oncology These are surgeries aimed at treating cancers and other tumors arising from the GI tract. Key principles of these surgeries include Radical surgery ensuring complete removal of even microscopic tumor. Here “no touch technique” is followed in that the tumor handling is reduced to minimum possible for avoiding spread of tumor cells into […]
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Colorectal Surgery

Colorectal surgery & Proctology This is the specialty involving surgical options for various ailments of large intestine and anal canal. Constipation is a common problem and is increasingly prevalent due to changes in the diet and modern day life style. This is leading to a higher incidence of colorectal problems. Risk of infection and pain […]
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Emergency Surgery

GI Emergencies These are the acute conditions of the GI tract which have a sudden onset of symptoms with rapid progression and warrant immediate care for safe recovery.  The problems faced in these conditions include Patient’s condition is often unstable, like low blood pressure and oxygen levels in the blood Limited time available for resuscitation […]
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